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CR Customised Solutions

In order to make the CR pumps suitable for even more industrial applications, we do not need to create a completely new pump model to deal with different applications − the modular concept of the CR pump ranges makes it possible to put together a specialised pump for any particular application by selecting the modules best suited for the job from the existing, comprehensive range of module variants.

Features related to CR pumps:

  • Belt-driven CR
  • CR Horizontal Mount
  • Carbon-free CR
  • Low temperature CR
  • CR Cool Top
  • CRN MAGdrive
  • LowNPSH CR
  • Special Shaft Seals
  • Surface Treatment
  • Titanium CR,CRT
  • Large temperature range where the liquid temperature and the ambient temperature are independent
  • Low energy consumption. All MAGNA3 pumps comply with the EuP 2015 requirements
  • The AUTOADAPT function ensures energy savings
  • Built-in differential-pressure and temperature sensor
  • Safe selection
  • Simple installation
  • No maintenance and long life
  • Extended user interface with TFT display
  • Control panel with self-explanatory push-buttonsmade of high-quality silicone
  • Work log history
  • Easy system optimization
  • Heat energy meter
  • Multi-pump function
  • External control and monitoring enabled via add-on modules
  • The complete range is available for a maximum system pressure of 16 bar (PN 16).


The Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in the following systems:

  • Heating systems
  • Air-conditioning and cooling systems
  • Domestic hot-water systems.
  • The pump range can also be used in the following systems:
  • Ground source heat pump systems
  • Solar-heating systems.

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