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Toro 25 - PP-R Pipes

The name TORO 25, chosen for the liquid and gas supply system conceived by A.T.P., visually sums up the qualities of the same, namely resistance, strength, elegance. The Random Copolymer Polypropylene, used to produce it, is of the Type 3, characterized by a high molecular weight that guarantees the system life for over 50 years. It Is combined with additives which allow to produce faultless pipes and pipe fittings, ideal for conveying liquids under pressure at both high and low temperatures, and such as to successfully pass the tests required by DIN 8077-8078 regulations, in compliance with relevant International standards. TORO 25 system can be used for: hot/cold water, drinking water, discharge/chemicals liquid, compressed air, etc. TORO 25 Pipes comes in three types depending on pressure and temperature : PN10 (10bar), PN16 (16 bar) for Cold Water (Blue Stripe) and PN20 (20 bar) for Hot Water (Red Stripe)

Application fields:

  • Civil buildings (apartments, condos, hospitals, schools, etc.);
  • Commercial buildings (hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, department stores, offices, etc.);
  • Industrial buildings (industry, technical installations, packaging, etc. .);
  • Maritime (Shipbuildings and Offshore Buildings)

Suitable for:

  • TORO 25 system is suitable for new buildings, renewals, replacement or links to pre-existing systems.

Application Fields

Civil Buildings

"TORO 25" System range is complete from diameter 20 to 250, PN 10-16-20-25 and represents a valid alternative to the use of other materials for the construction of new plants, repairs and replacements.

"TORO 25" System is certified for the for the conduction of drinking water and fluids for human consumption, in accordance to the most important national and international standards.

The resistance of "TORO 25" System to hot/cold water is ensured by its own properties: compressive strenght, low thermal conductivity, absolute safety against corrosion, deposits, stray currents, abrasions, condensation.

Industrial Buildings

Over the years ATP developed corrosion-resistant thermoplastic pipes and fittings with a very low linear expansion coefficient, approved for working in extreme temperature conditions, suitable for industrial liquids conveyance, drainage systems, bilge and ballast water systems, compressed air systems, refrigeration, air conditioning and heating.

"TORO 25" Systems (range complete from diameter 20 to 250) have been designed to face technical, operational and environmental challenges, required by different industrial applications.

Maritime and Offshore Buildings

In shipbuilding, avoid corrosion processes is something very serious. Products and systems on board have to deal every day with extreme working conditions.

With PPR piping systems, corrosion is no longer a problem. “TORO 25” ensures the long life of your systems, offering significant savings in installation and management costs.

"TORO 25" threated fittings are internally coated by a special plastic film in order to avoid water contact with metal parts.

Brass used in our fittings is certified, approved and recommended for their use in the marine environment.

"TORO 25" System obtained all major certifications of compliance with International standards, ABS, DNV and RINA certifications, which attests the safety, design, quality and reliability of our products for shipbuilding non-essential systems applications.

The Main Applications:
  • Closed recirculating water systems
  • Heating systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Hot/cold water pressure systems